I. Global Rules

These rules apply to all servers and are superior to individual server rules.

Rules with label PBOS (Permanent Ban On Sight) - by breaking of this rule you will get banned immediately.
  • It is forbidden to use any third party programs or scripts to favor the player. (AB, WH, AA, Fake-Lag, etc.) PBOS
  • Players must obey the admin unless his command is against the portal or server rules.
  • It is strictly forbidden to publish the information of members of the admin team or other players or their relatives.
  • It is forbidden to advertise competing portals, servers, fraudulent sites or illegal content. PBOS
  • It is forbidden to spam chat, voice-chat or console commands.
  • It is forbidden to send inappropriate content to the chat or to express yourself excessively rudely.
  • It is forbidden to use voice-chat other than to communicate with players. (playing songs, movies, etc.)
  • It is forbidden to use/take advantage of bugs in maps, models, plugins, or unclear rules.
  • It is mandatory to report bugs of maps, models, plugins, or unclear rules.
  • It is mandatory to fulfill the purpose of the game or game mod.
  • Obnoxious, vulgar, offensive, aggressive or illegal behavior and inciting real or fake conflict is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to copy personal data (nickname, pfp, profile) of other players of the portal, unless it is information with high popularity.
  • Bypassing restrictions is prohibited. PBOS
  • It is forbidden to play with VPN or mask/change the user's IP address. PBOS
  • It is forbidden to play on multiple accounts, this does not apply if you do not have permanent access to the account. PBOS
  • It is forbidden to reveal the positions of players. (positions of AFK players can be revealed if they are last player alive on the team. )
These rules apply to everyone without exception, Vip, Sponsor or Admin permissions do not entitle anyone to break them.

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