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od 0cry0
Nick : Mo
SteamID : STEAM_0:0:178718924
Time spent on server : 52h
Experience with being an admin : i were admin on a lot of server, i had a lot of csgo servers but they are all down now,
Reason, why do you want to be an admin : I am playing this game only for fun, for real i hate toxic player like abusing the game like troller, i want to keep the server for real clean and without toxic player, Helping people everytime they need help, i am ready to come extra online for them.
Information about me (min 30. words) : My name is Mo, 20 Years old, Living in germany, Study in Emergency, my hobbys driving, Exploring new things
Server : Retake#2
VIP/SPONZOR : VIP, Planing to get sponsor even i get accepted,

I am playing on this server only or if not, than i am playing on MM or Esportal
Užívateľov profilový obrázok
od MMatsuki
Your request was not accepted. Try it later like in one month.
Reason = Too many admins on retakes 2, bad behaviour


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