od Smurf
Žiadost o UB

Tvůj nick : Smurf :*

Steam ID : https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199072795866

Server, kde si dostal ban : oldschool.games-town.eu:27029

Admin, který ti dal ban : Haze

Důvod, proč si byl zabanován : wallhack

Důvod, proč by si měl dostat unban : Admin haze banned me for wallhack but i never use this kind of cheat. Two years ago i was global elite (i can give u my main acc id or screenschots with rank) so mby i play good but not as good like players on cheats...He didn't have any demo so the ban is unfounded.
Sorry for my bad english language and for that I do not write in your native language. Cheers
Užívateľov profilový obrázok
od MMatsuki
Hi, I've got an good announcement for you:) We unban you due to no demo. I'm sorry for our behaviour.


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