od Eric Harris
Hello Dear Owner
I want unban
i was banned by derington for nothing i really dont know why he do that i was friendly af
and i asket chiko if he can ban derington onyl to show me he ban him for 0 sec
and then he came back and perma banned me only because i dont speak czech
can i get unban please ?
od matolka
Hello Eric Harris, I've got a bad news for you:

This topic should be locked, because you dont have it by the application you can find right here sir: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=5

( You can translate the application into english or what language do you speak )

Basically we cannot do anything, because you didnt wrote what your nickname ingame is. So I can't find it in banlist. So you probably got unbanned or you didn't received a ban but only a kick which you can rejoin instantly.

Thank you for your application, but we can't do anything with it because:

1. We don't know your nickname ingame
2. You don't have this application correctly as the one I sent you already.
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